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Sources and Methodology

Since 2012, collects in selected Sub-Saharan African countries monthly retail fertilizer prices, and information on functioning of fertilizer markets.

Monthly data and information are collected and reported electronically by national collectors through an established network of agro-dealers (typically 20 to 30 agro-dealers per country). The network of information providers namely agro-dealers are evenly distributed across the major towns, regions, provinces or markets within the country to reflect a good representation of the data. The data is reported by emails, telephone calls or through SMS. Data includes primarily retail level data, reported in local currency, mostly for 50 kg bag of fertilizers, and indicates whether the price is subsidized or not.

Prices series are currently available for the following countries: Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, and Senegal in West Africa; Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia in Eastern Africa.

In this [National Prices] section, all prices collected for a given product in each country are averaged, then converted in USD per tons as the prevailing exchange rate for the reported month.

Using the [Search] tool

[Search] uses pivot tables, a data summarization tool that can automatically sort, count, total or average the data stored, displaying the results in a second table showing the summarized data.

Using filters:

  • Users can use any combination of up to 3 filters: [Country], [Product], [Month].
  • By default, all data will be selected. Users can either select an item from the drop-down list or type the name of the [country] or the [product]
  • Once selection is done, applying the filters will generate a [result table] below the filters.

Generating and organizing result tables:

  • Users can set up and change the summary’s structure by dragging and dropping fields graphically
  • Move or swap any fields ([Country], [Fertilizer], [Type], [Unit], [Year], [Month]) to organize data in rows or columns according to your specific needs.
  • [ > ] : unfold series
  • [ ∨ ] : select items
  • [ ∧ ] : sort series by alphabetical or numerical order
  • [ ∑ ] : add or remove totals and sub-totals in rows or columns
  • Summary tables can be exported in Excel.