The 16th New AG International Conference & Exhibition

March 21-23 2018 |Nairobi, Kenya| New AG International

New Ag International will host in Kenya, their 16th annual international conferences covering the world of High Tech Agriculture in depth.

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Improving Fertilizer Quality for highly productive Agriculture and Balanced Nutrition

March 19-23  2018 |Arusha, Tanzania| IFDC Training

IFDC is organizing a five-day training program, which will include formal instruction covering theoretical and practical aspects of fertilizer quality and hands-on practice of methodologies in commercial fertilizer warehouses.

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Argus Africa Fertilizer 2018

February 26 – 28  2018 | Addis Ababa, Ethiopia| Argus

The 9th annual Argus Africa Fertilizer conference will take place 26-28 February 2018 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – the number one meeting place for the African fertilizer supply chain.  Over 520 participants from 63 countries of which 23 are African attended the 2017 event in Cape Town.

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Developing Private Sector Agro-Input Markets – Designing and Implementing Targeted Subsidy Programs

February 19-23 2018 |Kampala, Uganda| IFDC Training

IFDC is organizing a five-day training intended for key stakeholders involved in designing or implementing targeted agro-input subsidy interventions.

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