Zambia Fertilizer Assessment

[2013] The goal of this study conducted by IFDC is to estimate the fertilizer requirements needed to achieve nationwide country investment plan crop production targets and to identify the primary constraints in the fertilizer supply chain that might hinder the flow of fertilizers in Zambia.

This study shows that, under appropriate assumptions, Zambia’s fertilizer consumption must increase by 248,000 product tons – to approximately 500,000 mt – to meet the agricultural growth targets set in the CAADP country investment plan. pour atteindre les objectifs de croissance agricole fixés dans le plan d’investissement du pays CAADP.This increased fertilizer consumption has implications for the development of each node in the fertilizer value chain in order to deal with the pressure resulting from the higher volumes of fertilizers required to achieve the agricultural targets.


Author Name: IFDC

Publication Date: 07-2013

Language: English

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