Training on Fertilizer Statistics for the CountrySTAT Fertilizer Technical Working Group (FTWG) in Mozambique

[2012] This’s publication is a paper on Technical Working Group members training programme on fertilizer statistics in Mozambique.

The following topics were presented and discussed by the participants:

  • The initiative and its partners (objectives, websites, databases)
  • A review of the fertilizer sector in Africa
  • Definitions, types, classifications and conversion of nutrients in fertilizers
  • The “hard data” – Statistical data (production, trade, consumption and prices) used by CountrySTAT, FAO and IFA
  • The “soft data” – Fertilizer policy and market development indicators used in the annual questionnaire of NEPAD
  • The presentation of several case studies

The trainers used the material developed in 2012 and finalized in Nairobi in March 2012: the Training Manual on fertilizer statistics in Africa; a series of presentations corresponding to 5 chapters of the manual; questionnaires and surveys used by FAO, NEPAD and IFA; and some fertilizers statistics collected from participating countries.

Source: AFO

Author Name: AFO

Publication Date: 07-2012

Language: English

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