Regional workshop for the review and validation of data on import procedures, logistics costs and statistics of fertilizer 2015 – 2020 Benin | Niger | Togo

[2021] One of the major challenges in ECOWAS remains the achievement of food security. To achieve this, the region must increase its agricultural production in order to feed its population.

In the international context of global warming and reduction in arable land, this increase in production, if it is to be effective, necessarily involves an increase in the productivity of small farmers. So, using the right amount of fertilizer is now an absolute necessity. However, fertilizer consumption in the various ECOWAS countries remains low.
Faced with this observation, in partnership with and the West African Fertilizer Association (WAFA), IFDC through its
The USAID-funded Feed The Future EnGRAIS project conducts and supports studies on the collection of information on fertilizer volumes, logistics procedures and operations as well as the costs of fertilizers consumed in the region. The aim of these studies is to transmit information from the sector and the proposed recommendations to political and economic decision-makers, in order to improve the supply of fertilizers and thus allow greater consumption.

Source: IFDC & WAFA

Author Name: Feed the Future EnGRAIS Project, & West Africa Fertilizer Association

Publication Date: 2021

Language: French

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