Kenya & Tanzania Fertilizer Technical Working Group Technical Training and Pre-Validation Workshop (2014)

[2014] This’s publication is a document on Kenya and Tanzania Technical Working Group members training on fertilizer statistics and pre-validation workshop .

The objectives of the workshop were:

  • To train participants on Fertilizer Data Processing using AFO methodology
  • To review and pre-validate the 2013 fertilizer national statistics for both Kenya and Tanzania, by product, trade and consumption,
  • To review the findings and recommendations of the recent study on “Consumption of Fertilizers and Fertilizer Use by Crop in Tanzania” prepared by Franks Kamhabwa.

Among the 27 participants, members from CountrySTAT Burundi, Uganda and an official from the Rwanda’s Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources, were present.

Source: AFO

Author Name: AFO

Publication Date: 2014

Language: English

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