Joint Fertilizer Technical Working Group Validation Workshop:Nigeria and Ghana (2015)

[2016] This technical report is about Nigeria and Ghana Fertilizer Technical Working Group Statistics Validation Workshop.

The main objective of the workshop was to validate national fertilizer statistics for the year 2015. These included:

    • Presentation, review, processing and validation of detailed statistical data on production, imports, exports, apparent consumption and actual fertilizer consumption for Ghana and Nigeria
    • Brainstorming on National Fertilizer policies and implementation
    • Sharing fertilizer sector experiences between Ghana and Nigeria.

Representatives from the National Bureau(s) of Statistics, Customs Service, Ministries of Agriculture departments, fertilizer importers and donor funded projects participated in the two and half (2.5) days’ workshop. The full list of participants is attached to this report in the Annex.

Source: AFO

Author Name: AFO

Publication Date: 2016

Language: English

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