Fertilizer Consumption And Fertilizer Use By Crop (FUBC) In Kenya 2010-2013 (2015)

[2015] This document is an AfricaFertilizer.Org’s survey on an assessment of fertilizer real consumption and use by crop in Kenya.

In 2013, it was estimated that the apparent fertilizer consumption in the country increased to  665,373 MT comprising about 37 fertilizer types. Over 95 percent of these fertilizers was used for crop production. However, the total volumes of fertilizer used by crops decreased in 2013, amounting to 528,425mt compared to 533,276mt in 2012. The marginal decline in total volumes of used fertilizer is attributed to poor weather conditions that affected several parts of Kenya that year.


Author Name: Edwin Oseko and Tom Dienya

Publication Date: 11-2015

Language: English

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