AfricaFertilizerMap is now live!

[2020] Africa’s agriculture transformation is key to ensure food security and the end of hunger and malnutrition to the continent, while increasing farmers productivity and providing agriculture sustainability. Lower than optimal fertilizer consumption, poor access to finance and slow adoption of new technologies and innovative business are some of the challenges that Africa is facing. More investments, improved knowledge and information, better availability of fertilizers and balanced plant nutrition, enhanced agronomic advice and cooperation with farmers are needed, as well as a holistic and joint intervention of the private and public sectors, to lead a cost-effective African Green Revolution.

The Africa Fertilizer Map portal aims to be a gateway to African fertilizer data. It displays imports/exports, manufacturing and blending plants and projects, consumption figures, as well as shares the various initiatives that are being deployed by a number of different players for the development of African agriculture.

Author Name: Antonella Harrison/Astrategia

Publication Date: 2020

Language: English

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