Africa Fertilizer Map 2020

[2020] The objective of the Africa Fertilizer Map 2020 is to increase awareness on the appropriate use of fertilizers and their potential to increase farm productivity and transform agriculture. There are several challenges that Africa is facing and targets it should meet to achieve its full potential growth, including closing a fertilizer consumption gap in various countries; to meet these targets, Africa needs to follow agronomic recommendations and public and private sectors need to partner to transform the fertilizer value chain.

Africa’s agriculture transformation is key to ensure food security and the end of hunger and malnutrition to the continent and is a key strategic pillar of the African Union’s Agenda 2063, the economic development blueprint for the continent. Agriculture is the backbone of the African economy, with the sector accounting for about 16% of the continent’s GDP, 60% of its labour force, 20% of its total merchandise exports and is the main source of income and work for 90% of the region’s rural population.

The map has been developed thanks to the principal sponsor of OCP Africa of Morocco and supporting sponsor of AFAP (African Fertilizer Agribusiness Partnership), in partnership with AFO (Africa Fertilizer Org), part of IFDC (International Fertilizer Development Center), and with the participation and data sharing of IFA (International Fertilizer Association), APNI (African Plant Nutrition Institute), AUC (African Union), Agra (Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa) and UNECA (United Nation Economic Commission for Africa).

Author Name:  Antonella Harrison/Astrategia

Publication date: 2020

Language: English

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