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Market Comments 

The planting season for the short rain season has just begun, fertilizer sales are on the increase.  Recommended prices are almost the same in most areas as government has resolved to make bulk procurement for DAP, UREA and CAN this year. Some Hub agro dealers have resorted to retail sales instead of wholesale as they have not been paid for participating in the subsidy distribution two years ago.

Sales trend (Comparisons from September to October)


Fertilizer (commercial)

Sales trend

Price trend

Mbeya CAN



 Sumbawanga DAP

Price trends over the past 2 months

CAN DAP Urea 46%
TZS/ 50 kg bag Type Sep -17 Oct -17 Sep -17 Oct -17 Sep -17 Oct -17
Mbeya com 42000 45000 55000 54000 45000 42000
Songea com 42000 54000 42000
Sumbawanga com 46000 65000 56000 47000

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